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Monthly Cycle Balance

Helps you get your periods on time and regularly. It plays an important role in keeping you energetic and healthy. Infuses a new vigor and enthusiasm in you.

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Relieve Weakness

It is helpful in removing fatigue, weakness, lethargy and irritability from everyday work. Consuming it always helps you to live a healthy life by making you energetic.

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Treatment of Leucorrhoea

Vanital Syrup can prove to be beneficial in leucorrohea(white discharge). Ayurvedic herbs present in it keep the sexual organs healthy and drive away weakness.

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Immune Booster

This syrup also strengthens the immune system while maintaining your overall health. Prevents minor ailments from coming near you. Helps to make your body strong.

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Regularise the menstrual cycle

Not having periods on time shakes you up to a great extent. Increases tension. Vanital syrup is helpful in keeping you stress free by correcting the irregularities of the menstrual cycle. Consuming it regularly keeps you energetic and healthy for a long time.

Removes weakness and fatigue

Maintains enough energy in the body for the whole day's work. Do not let the weakness and fatigue feel to you. You can easily do everyday tasks without getting tired. This ayurvedic tonic keeps you agile and healthy always.

Enhances immunity

Helps in keeping you healthy by boosting your immunity. Makes you strong from inside and out. Its natural herbs help in keeping you healthy by protecting you from minor infections. Its regular consumption gives you a special strength.

Relaxation during menopause

Vanital is a health tonic for women. It provides relief in the problems faced during menopause like vaginal discharge, nervousness, irritability, backache, etc. Not only this, it is also very beneficial in mental health.

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How Vanital Works

This herbal tonic is very beneficial for the overall health of women. The powers of 27 different types of special herbs present in it play a special role in maintaining energy, strength, vigor and enthusiasm in women. Helps in achieving good health by expelling toxins from the body. It also gives a new strength to the skin from outside and inside.

Apart from this, it is beneficial in women in problems like fatigue, weakness, irritability, tension, cramps, backache, loss of appetite, lack of vigor, disturbances of menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalance, menopausal problems etc. Consuming Vanital Syrup regularly can be considered beneficial in giving women good health, keeping them energetic and leading a happy life.

Vanital also boosts your immunity and keeps you away from infections. This is a tested and potent formulation of natural herbal ingredients. It is very helpful in better health management of women across the world. It is a pure liquefied herbal tonic, which is helpful in keeping women healthy in every way.


Vanital's Features

Balances hormones

Helps in maintaining the balance of hormones in women. Relieves pain and swelling during menstruation.

Relief from weakness

Fills the body with tremendous energy, strength & vigor. Keeps you upbeat & agile by removing weakness, fatigue & lethargy.

Strong Immune System

Helps keep you healthy by boosting your immune system. Its regular consumption makes you strong from inside and outside.

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Balanced Menstrual Cycle

Corrects back-and-forth menstrual cycle disturbances. Relieves pain during periods. Reduces inflammation.

Menopause relief

Provides relief in problems that occur during menopause like vaginal discharge, nervousness, irritability, backache, etc.

Purifies the blood

This herbal tonic purifies the blood in the body. Helps in providing you good health by flushing out the toxins from the body.


Vanital Process

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Balance Menstrual Cycle

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Removes Weakness & Fatigue

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Soothes Leucorrhoea

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Boosts Immunity


Ingredients Facts

Ingredients Name
Ashoka Chhaal
Per Serving 800 (mg)

The leaves of this tree are mostly used for the diseases of women. It is considered very beneficial in the treatment of menstrual cycle disturbances in women. It is a better treatment for uterine muscles and endometrial in women.

It is a panacea for women's diseases. It is also effective in diseases of the eyes, ears and mouth. Removes heat of the blood, diabetes, inflammation, anorexia, toxins and irritation. It also cures digestive problems. Lodhra bark can be used to reduce weight.

It is such a medicine in the form of a flower, which is a panacea for women. These flowers help women to conceive. Also, in white leucorrhoea, this problem gets cured by taking powder of Dhaya flower. It is also effective in the problem of diabetes, fever, bleeding from the nose.

Consumption of dry Munakka is very beneficial for women. Munakka is famous for purifying the blood. By consuming it during menstruation, it detoxes the body and prevents blood clot formation. Also gives relief in pain during periods.

It contains about 20 to 40 percent cumaldehyde. In addition, it also contains a good amount of protein, carbohydrate, phosphorus, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. All these qualities help you to lead a healthy life. Gives you inner strength.

Nagarmoth is extremely useful in treating loss of appetite, digestive disorders. Along with this, it is also helpful in destroying fever, eye diseases and stomach worms. Not only this, women who do not make milk in the breast during breastfeeding. For them also, Nagarmotha is a very beneficial medicine.

It is an Ayurvedic medicine that boosts immunity. Helpful in reducing weight. Helps in curing digestive disorders, bloating. It is good in fever, cold etc. Consumption of dry ginger powder can prove useful for pregnant women. It is a panacea for morning sickness and nausea.

Daruhaldi is considered a special herb in Ayurveda. It is used to cure problems related to ears, eyes and stomach. It is also known as diabetes control drug. This medicine is also used for drying wounds, joining bones. It is also effective in arthritis and joint pain.

Perhaps you would not know that lotus flower is also useful as a better medicine. The benefits of lotus flower are found in the treatment of many diseases. If you feel very thirsty, there is a problem of burning, urinary disease, Kapha Dosha, piles etc. So in this way you can get benefit from lotus flower. It also helps in rejuvenating the skin.

Consumption of harad keeps your digestive system fine. It is considered effective in problems like gas, indigestion and constipation. Consumption of myrobalan can also provide relief in vomiting. Harad is also considered very beneficial in weight loss. Apart from this, harad is useful to avoid heart-related diseases. It is also used in headache and body ache etc.

It is beneficial for the eyes and nutritious for the hair. Apart from this, it is beneficial in untimely hair ripening, sore throat, nasal diseases, blood disorders, larynx and heart diseases. The bark of Bahera is beneficial in anemia, jaundice and white leprosy. Women can use Baheda to keep their hair black for a long time.

The use of amla for women can prove beneficial in many ways. As it can enhance the beauty of the face by removing the blemishes on the face. Can keep hair thick and black. Not only this, some minerals and vitamins present in amla are beneficial in menstrual cramps. Corrects irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

Shatavari is one such herb which is very effective in removing the problems of women. The use of Shatavari helps a lot in reducing pain and cramps during periods. Apart from this, Shatavari is also beneficial in removing physical weakness during this period. Therefore, women are advised to use Shatavari during menstruation.

It is a flower that is used to cure infertility problems. With this, many types of problems related to menstruation can also be overcome. For any problem related to fertility, there is an imbalance in Vata dosha. Nagkesar rectifies the imbalanced Vata dosha. Nagkesar powder acts as an antioxidant. This antioxidant helps in increasing the quality of eggs. Also removes toxins from the body.

Vasa is also called Adusa. This is an Ayurvedic flower. Its use can prove beneficial for women. This flower helps in reducing the pain during delivery. Apart from this, it cures leucorrhoea and also helps in removing the weakness caused by leucorrhoea.

It is a type of grass which has immense medicinal properties. It is also beneficial in heart disease, cough, skin related problems, vomiting, fever, dhaat dosha, headache, blood defects, respiratory problems, gall diseases, muscle cramps and hormonal problems in women.

The herb called Rasot helps in reducing the inflammation of the uterus in women. Not only this, it is also used in good quantity for leucorrhoea and post-menopausal problems. It maintains the energy in women. Increases vigor and strength.

Manu (Nutmeg) has many medicinal properties, which prove to be very beneficial for women. If it is consumed during pregnancy, then the child born is healthy and intelligent. It also proves beneficial in menstruation. Drinking its tea reduces pain during periods. It keeps the skin tight and makes it young for a long time.

A medicine called Khadir is also used to cure the problem of white discharge in women. Washing the vagina by making a decoction of the bark of Khadir provides relief in both white and red leucorrhoea. Apart from this, Khadir proves beneficial in diabetes, sore throat etc.

Belgiri is helpful in removing physical weakness. It helps in providing a good health by boosting immunity. Removes anemia. Gives relief in headache. Belgiri is also beneficial in reducing stress.

If women consume Mocharas during pregnancy, then the spinal cord becomes strong. Apart from this, the amount of milk in the breasts also increases due to the consumption of Mocharas. Along with this, Mocharas is also useful in constipation, acidity and cold and cough. Fatigue, weakness, dizziness, all these problems are also cured.

In Ayurveda, the root and seeds of Khareti are used as medicine. Since ancient times, this medicine has been used to remove physical weakness. It is also very useful for curing the problems of blood leucorrhoea and leucorrhoea in women. It is also considered to be an energy booster. Which helps to make women agile.

This is a type of vine which is found almost all over India. Only the root of this vine is used as medicine. It is much more impressive. It is used as a blood purifier. Reduces inflammation. Gives relief in gout. It is capable of removing the pain caused by periods.

It is also known as Jawakusum. But it is mainly called Gudhal. It is very attractive in appearance and full of medicinal properties. The problem of indigestion, fever, nervousness is removed by its use. Apart from this, the use of hibiscus leaves can improve skin health and iron deficiency. It is an effective medicine in reducing stress in women.

With the help of this Ayurvedic medicine, the problem of infertility in women can be cured. Consuming cinnamon can also be very beneficial for conceiving. Apart from this, by correcting the problem of lack and excess of menstruation, it proves to be helpful in maintaining the regularity of the periods.

Big cardamom is very beneficial in stomach related problems and digestive system problems. It cures loss of appetite. Helps to digest food. Removes bad breath from the mouth. It is comfortable in vomiting, abdominal gas. It is also helpful in healing wounds. Cardamom can also be used in the problem of sleeplessness.

It is a very useful Ayurvedic herb. The consumption of cloves is beneficial for women in many ways. Consumption of cloves is beneficial in bringing regular periods. Ovulation is better in women. Not only this, clove also proves to be the best herb in increasing the chances of pregnancy.

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